The Meanings Behind Our Natural Stones

Your jewelry doesn’t just look good. While it’s perfect for elevating your style, each piece also carries its own unique meaning. Tribal Son’s collection of bracelets includes a number of natural stone pieces that are as steeped in history and meaning as they are beautiful.

So, what exactly does each stone mean? Let’s dive in.

Our Natural Stone Beaded Bracelets and What They Mean

Red Carnelian

Carnelian gets its reddish-brown color from iron oxide. It symbolizes energy and creativity.

beaded red carnelian bracelet

This natural stone offers healing properties for both your mental and physical health. As a fire stone, carnelian fills the body with life, light, and energy. It reinvigorates your muscles, encourages the flow of oxygen, and keeps your tissues and organs healthy and fully functioning. It can even help you feel more limber in the bones and ligaments, while reducing stiffness or pain.

On a more emotional side, carnelian is excellent if you’re feeling lost in life and need to relight your flame. When you need the motivation to get through a project or responsibility, this is the natural stone to wear. It’ll get your energy flowing and stimulate warmth in your mind and body. Carnelian will help you find your voice and power through whatever you need to do.

Tiger's Eye

You know a tiger's eye natural stone when you see it. It’s got a goldish-brown hue and stripes, much like the animal that it’s named after. When you wear this, know that you’re going to exude self-confidence and inner strength.

tiger's eye natural stone beaded bracelet

Do you feel like you’re in a bit of a physical slump? Like you’re tired, sluggish, dragging your feet? You should be wearing or carrying tiger's eye. Natural stone experts believe that it can heal your endocrine system, give you energy, speed up your metabolism, and generally realign your bodily systems so that you feel better.

It’s great for your mental health, too. If you’re experiencing a depressive episode or some other kind of negative energy, tiger's eye will eliminate it and help you find your confidence again. You might notice that mental blocks disappear, and you feel more connected and centered.


If you’re feeling incredibly at peace and happen to be wearing jade, that’s why.

Jade stands for serenity, tranquility, and purity. It brings out your more nurturing and loving side, protecting you from negative energies and promoting harmony. It makes you feel happy within yourself, helping you enjoy a sense of self-sufficiency and satisfaction.

natural jade stone beaded bracelet

This natural stone might be considered a real jack of all trades, because it also boosts fertility, aids in childbirth, encourages your body’s natural filtration system, and brings you insightful dreams.

If you’re looking for a natural stone that’s well-rounded and holistic, jade is a good place to start.


Howlite gets its name from Henry How, a scientist who found deposits of the crystal in Nova Scotia and introduced it to academics in 1868. Others might refer to it as the Snow Leopard Stone.

natural stone jade beaded bracelet from tribal son

Howlite will bring you clarity and peace of mind. It’s a great stone to wear or carry if you’re seeking heightened spirituality. It’ll help you be more compassionate, still, tender, and open-minded. New thoughts and ideas will more easily flow into your mind, and you’ll be better equipped to process and act on them.

It’s an interesting stone, because while it helps you to slow down and be more mindful, it’ll also give you the energy you need to keep evolving into a better version of yourself.

Lava Stone

You might hear lava stone referred to as lava rock or basalt. This is an igneous volcanic rock that solidifies from molten lava, after being subjected to enormous heat and pressure.

natural lava stone beaded bracelet

Just like lava stone has an intimate connection with Mother Earth, it’ll foster the same relationship for you. This stone has had to grow strong and fearless, and you will too. It’ll bring stability in times of change or uncertainty.

While lava stone had to go through a lot to become what it is (and was formed under intense conditions), it’s also incredibly calming. When you’re feeling angry or worked up, it’ll help those negative, toxic thoughts leave your mind.

As a result, you’ll also be able to communicate more effectively.

Blue Lapis

Because blue lapis can enhance your intelligence, judgment, and articulation, it’s excellent to have on you in a workplace setting. You can expect better decision-making and conflict-resolving skills.

blue lapis natural stone beaded bracelet from Tribal Son

And since its strength is guiding you into your higher mind to bring better knowledge and understanding, blue lapis is a powerful stone for learning and improving your memory.

If you need to improve your communication skills, blue lapis is a wonderful stone to carry or wear. It promotes deeper conversations, better active listening skills, and calmness. For these reasons, it’ll help you form new relationships and improve the ones that you already have.

In terms of your physical health, you might find that blue lapis supports your endocrine system and thyroid gland, while fighting inflammation and pain. It can also trigger better circulation and heart health.

When you choose the right natural stones for you, they can not only give your outfit a boost, but they can also work wonders for your sense of self, individuality, health, and spirituality.

They can improve the quality of life for you and those around you. And they will guide you in becoming a happier, healthier, more fulfilled person.

Tribal Son has a variety of natural stone beaded bracelets. Shop our collection today.