How to Style Your Tribal Son Jewelry

Picking out jewelry you love is one thing. Styling it is another. Silver pieces in particular are a fashion essential because they add elegance, sophistication, and timelessness to even simple outfits. Plus, they are classic yet versatile, making them a perfect add-on to your fashion.

But how do you choose your tribal jewelry so that it complements your wardrobe? Or how can you wear it in a way that showcases your style and personality?

Here are six tips you can use to expertly style your Tribal Son jewelry and make sure it really shines.

How to Style Your Tribal Son Jewelry: 6 Tips

1. Coordinate with your outfit.

Wearing contrasting colored clothes with your tribal jewelry is key to enhancing your overall outfit. 

Silver pieces look great with black, grey, or other dark shades. The darkness of the clothes makes the silver jewelry noticeable even from a distance. Imagine your Light Bearer necklace shining beautifully against your black shirt. It makes any simple outfit look amazing. 

Other colors like burgundy, cream, dark green, navy or royal blue, purple, wine, and white can also be your go-to. These shades are pleasing to the eyes and perfectly complement your silver pieces.

Again, adding the bright and lustrous sparkle of your tribal jewelry can make your outfit elegant and attractice in an instant. 

In contrast, silver doesn’t typically blend well with pastel colors like blush, dusty blue, light green, lilac, light pink, or yellow. Instead of making your tribal jewelry stand out, these colors will drown out your accessory and make it barely visible. If you want to wear bright outfits, go for the cooler tones to complement your jewelry.

2. Stack your rings.

When stacked, silver rings can give casual outfits a little edge. Plus, mixing colors, gemstones, and textures creates a unique look and adds versatility to your style. 

Since Tribal Son rings are heavier, you can balance them out with thinner ones. To add a pop color, rings with gemstones like the Scorpion Rings can be placed on top of other simpler rings. Standout pieces like the Snake Ring should have their own space.

You can also wear one ring for each finger, with the biggest piece in the middle and the smaller ones on the pinkie or thumb. Avoid over-stacking too many rings on one finger.

Remember, when ring stacking, symmetry can help!

3. Layer your chains and pendants.

When layering your chains, you want to draw attention to your neck up. Experiment with different designs, lengths, and shapes of chains or pendants to create eye-catching layers.

For example, you can layer the longer Medium Trident chain over the shorter Bear Paw on Leather. Another option could be wearing your rounded Large Medieval Chain with your Manta Ray necklace.

Keep in mind that your Tribal Son chain and pendants should match your shirt’s neckline. If you’re wearing a low V-neck shirt, pendants like Mayan Sun or Maori Fishhook work best. Long necklaces like the Rune Ring pendant will look great with high-neck or crew neck clothing. On the other hand, rounded chains like the Monarch Link pair well with scoop or round necklines.

man wearing tribal jewelry

4. Pair with patterned clothes with simple pieces. 

Another good way to make your Tribal Son jewelry stand out is by pairing them with patterned clothes. Yes, it seems unusual and contradicting to what you might expect – but stick with us here. 

Silver pieces can grab attention right away when paired with designed textures, patterns, and shapes. A simple accessory like the Monarch Ring or Feather on Leather can add personality to your outfit without making it look loud or overwhelming.

However, there are still some guidelines you’ll want to consider. Avoid pairing ornate silvery jewelry with clothes that have multiple patterns, busy prints, and even heavy materials (e.g. ruffled fabric, thick stitching). Rather, go for simple pieces that don’t have too many intricate details.

Similarly, avoid wearing your tribal jewelry with multi-colored clothing pieces as these will make it almost invisible. 

Essentially, you have to decide which one will be the focal point of your outfit – the clothes or the jewelry pieces. It shouldn’t be both at the same time. 

5. Mix with other metals.

Combining your silver tribal jewelry with other metals, like gold, can take your style points to the next level – but only if done the right way.

Consider layering your silver chains with gold ones or colored gemstone. Think about pendants that contrast with your chain and two- or three-toned rings. You can even pair your silver bracelets, like the Anaconda Chain, with simpler solid gold chains for an added pop of color. 

However, just like all our previous tips, this should be done with balance. The various metals should complement one another – adding vibrance and personality to your whole outfit. If one piece overpowers another (or the whole ensemble), you’ll want to rethink your combination.

6. Match with other outfit pieces.

This is another one that might sound unconventional for some, but it's a great way to make your tribal jewelry stand out. 

Silver pieces shine elaborately with your suede or leather clothes, especially jackets, coats, and vests. Tan or dark brown leather complement silver accessories for a more bohemian or tribal vibe. You can also pair your rings or cuffs with leather bracelets. 

Your tribal jewelry is one of the best ways to express your self and tell a story about who you are. When styled well using our six tips, your Tribal Son jewelry will make a simple outfit look elevated and amazingly transformed. Plus, it will make you feel more assured and confident – not only in your fashion sense, but also your tribal connection.

We want to leave you with this, though: At the end of the day, how you wear your jewelry is about what makes you feel good. 

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