What Your Tribal Son Jewelry Says About You

Every piece of jewelry comes with a powerful meaning. With Tribal Son, you could be sporting a design that dates back to an ancient era or an iconic piece from tribes all over the world. Whether you chose it for such or you’re not sure of what it could be, wearing a particular pendant, bracelet, ring, cuff, or chain tells a lot about who you are as a person. Let’s look at the meanings of some the Tribal Son pieces and what they say about you.

What Your Tribal Son Jewelry Says About You

3 Goddesses on Leather 

If you're repping 3 Goddesses, you're no doubt attracting good vibes when it comes to health, wealth, and happiness in life. This Wicca design is roughly 3,500 years old, rooting you in history, tradition, and culture. You’re someone who feels a deep connection to your ancestry and values not just where you're going, but where you came from.

Great things are headed your way.

three goddesses on leather

Mayan Sun on Small Medieval Chain 

Sporting the Mayan Sun can bring in awareness, clarity, enlightenment, and productivity to your day-to-day life. As it also symbolizes positive energy and life, you’re someone cheerful, humorous, sociable, and someone who loves being around like-minded people.

With the Koru in middle, it shows that you give high regard to new beginnings and relationships.

mayan sun tribal necklace

Anchor on Monarch Link Chain

The anchor shows that you’re balanced, reliable, and strong. The symbol expresses steadfastness when dropped from a ship, indicating that you’re a clear-minded and strong-willed individual when making decisions. With your inner strength, you’re not easily swayed by pressure or chaos as you remain firmly anchored in what you believe and value.

You've got a strong will and a good head on your shoulders.

anchor chain necklace

Light Bearer on Medium Medieval Chain 

Light Bearers enlighten other people’s paths. You’re in constant search of knowledge and truth, always with the urge to share your wisdom to create a positive impact. You avoid drama and negativity by being the one who calms things down. You’re very patient and understanding, making you people’s go-to person when they’re in need.

In a sense, you're like a compass that people rely on to help them stay centered and on the right path. Leadership is your strong suit.

light bearer tribal jewelry necklace

Maori Fishhook on Monarch Link Chain

Traditionally, the Maori Tribe relied on fishing to survive. Rocking the Maori Fishhook, which only royalties were allowed to wear, brings in abundance, prosperity, and good fortune into your life. You’re also establishing a strong connection with the god of the sea, representing safe passage and timely arrivals, especially when traveling over water.

It's a real honor to have the Maori fishhook around your neck. Don't take this lightly!

maori fishhook

The Bear Cuff 

The bear represents authority, power, and being larger than life. If you’re wearing this accessory, you’re radiating with strength and confidence, and you're someone who has the ability to take initiative and to influence and lead others. You stand tall when faced with adversity; but you’re also very protective of and committed to those close to you, always ready to help when needed.

You are a true pillar of strength, and you have a lot of people looking up to you.

bear cuff

Large Cuban Link Chain Bracelet 

This statement piece, often worn by highly-regarded people, attracts wealth and prosperity into your life. You appreciate luxury, extravagance, and comfort, and you always make sure to enjoy the finer things in life. You love to showcase the status you’ve worked hard for and to display your good sense of style.

Your success is nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Wear this chain bracelet with pride!

cuban link chain bracelet

Anaconda Chain Bracelet

In the ancient Mayan, the Ouroboros represents infinity and everlasting life. You value the cycle of life – grateful for where you came from, thriving with where you are, and hopeful about where the future will take you moving forward. With the head meeting the tail design, it depicts your ability to be self-aware and self-sufficient, taking control of your own destiny rather than relying on external forces.

You are a force to be reckoned with.

anaconda chain bracelet

Scorpion Ring

Scorpions symbolize strength, fearlessness, and resilience. Coming in with blue, green, or red stones, this ring helps you attract victory when faced with tough situations. You can be seen as emotional and sensitive, but that’s because you’re also very passionate. You love to the fullest and you’re unafraid to go after what you want. You’re ardent about your ambitions and goals, and you do everything to achieve all of them.

Nothing can get in your way. Whatever your mind can conceive, you can achieve.

scorpion ring with green stone

Snake Ring

This intricately detailed snake ring attracts high intelligence and good fortune into your life. As snakes are powerful creatures that represent healing, you’re someone who forgives easily and handles life changes gracefully. With this as your spirit animal, you’re highly guided when making decisions about transitions, and you’re able to impart wisdom to others.

You have a unique gift to see through the superficial and know what's truly happening below the surface.

snake ring

Limited Edition Khan With Blue Stone on Leather

A symbol of achievement, victory, and overcoming obstacles, wearing this talisman draws you to be bold, courageous, and fearless in every situation. Dating back 5,000 years to ancient Egypt, this icon roots you to the strength and bravery of warriors, inspiring you to strive to be the best you can be in all things. You honor your commitments and you’re not afraid of the unpredictable nature of life.  

limited edition khan with blue stone on leather

Every original piece of jewelry is intricately designed, hand-crafted, and forged by us. And while it’s surely aesthetically pleasuring, each piece lives up to its rich history and meaning and strongly represents who you are.

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