8 Fashionable Items Every Biker Needs

Biker gear is all about comfort, durability, and protection – especially when riders face extreme or unpredictable weather conditions while out riding. At the same time, their outfit is how they display their creativity, fashion sense, and self-expression.

Let’s look at the top eight fashion essentials every biker needs. 

8 Must-Have Fashion Items for Bikers

1. Leather Jacket

The cornerstone of a biker outfit is the classic leather jacket. Usually, it features a zipper that runs from the left hip to the right shoulder. This asymmetry overlaps two layers of leather, making sure the wind can’t blow through the closure and the biker is protected. 

The jacket often has slanted pockets on the chest. It also features side pockets that warm their hands during winter, little pockets with flaps for smaller items, and folds under the arms for easy movement.

Lastly, bikers prefer thick leather jackets to protect them from the heat, cold, and other weather conditions.

For bikers, a leather jacket makes them look rough, rugged, and refined. But it's also useful for compartments and protection while on the road. 

Pro tip: A denim jacket is a great alternative to leather. It should also have big flaps and zippers to serve purpose to the rider. When worn with gray or black trousers and a black leather belt, it adds elegance to their overall outfit.

2. Durable Bottoms

Bikers always need to feel at ease with their outfits. Black, gray, or dark-colored bottoms are preferred so it can stand the test of the road. They also want durable material so it will last for several years. These items are an investment.

Many prefer leather pants because they are low-maintenance. They can easily wipe off dirt and dust. When bikers fall off their bike (“eat asphalt”), thick leather pants keep them from getting serious bruises or injuries. Plus, these absorb heat inside, so bikers are kept warm during colder months.

Some motorcyclists also opt for dark denim jeans made of special material, so they’re protected from friction when on the road. 

Whether leather or denim, riders typically go for straight or boot cut bottoms because they're easier to adjust and operate in. Likewise, they choose pairs where seams fall below the patella so they’re always comfortable. They’re also not bothered by little tears or stains as these are part of bikers’ signature look.

3. High-Quality Boots

Bikers ride for long hours, so their footwear should be practical and robust.

Generally, they go with black, brown, or dark gray pairs because these are more versatile and easy to clean. They also prefer to wear mid-calf military lace-up boots or ankle boots with buckles as these help hold the pins of their bike.

Likewise, bikers choose footwear that is thick or with non-slip rubber soles, so their feet don't slide off their bike’s footboard.

4. Gloves

Gloves are one of the most important must-haves for bikers. Not only is it for their comfort and fashion, but it also serves as their protection while on the two-wheeler.

When riding on open roads, there's always a risk of getting into accidents. And in these instances, it’s instinctive for them to stretch out their hands to catch themselves. Thus, wearing gloves protects their hands and arms from different elements as they shield their head or other body areas. 

Bikers also experience hand numbness when riding for extended periods, which can be uncomfortable and dangerous. To avoid this, gloves with padding are used to cushion their hands from the vibrations of the bike and handlebars.

Similarly, bikers use gloves to keep their hand from getting sweaty especially during warm and humid months. Many choose gloves with silicon to ensure a safe. strong grip – preventing their hands from sliding off the handlebars and providing insulation during the colder season.

5. Bandanas

Bikers tie bandanas on their head as protection from dirt and wind. They also use this to keep their hair out of their face, so their view of the road remains unblocked.

Likewise, bandanas are used to minimize grease and sweat from their hair, which can soak the helmet. Finally, should there be unforeseen incidents, bandanas are used to wrap the bikers’ wound or as a repair tool if the alternator belt breaks.

6. Helmet

Again, circumstances on the road are unpredictable. As such, bikers need to wear a helmet to protect their head, face, and neck while riding. Plus, with the built-in reflectors of helmets, cars can easily spot bikers from a distance, especially at night.

Wearing a helmet can additionally be bikers’ protection when the weather isn’t ideal. It keeps their hair nice and dry and protects them from the harmful UV rays during daytime or summer season.

7. Sunglasses

Bikers wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from road dust, strong winds, insects, and any unpleasant elements while on a ride. It also helps limit their chances of getting cataracts, keratitis, or other eye problems caused by too much UV radiation.

Lastly, it makes them look more sporty, tough, and cool on the road. 

Simply put, sunglasses are functional and fashionable items for all bikers.

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